Projet de Gestion de Risque de Catastrophes et de Développement Urbain (PGRC-DU)



Title of the mission:

Accounting and financial audit of the Accounts of the Preparation Fund and the first three (3) financial years of the Project PGRC-DU.

Project description :

The project is structured in four components that are:

  • Component 1: Flood control investments that will finance structural interventions for both rehabilitation of structures and disaster risk management. The subcomponents are:
    1. Priority drainage, irrigation and socio-economic services infrastructure;
    2. Flood control infrastructure;
    3. Watershed rehabilitation.
  • Component 2: Capacity Building in Urban Development and Disaster Risk Management which includes technical assistance for capacity building of central and local governments. The subcomponents are:
    1. Support to local governance and civil society;
    2. Strengthening central government;
    3. Strengthening disaster risk management capacities.
  • Component 3: Project management that will ensure coordination of all project activities, monitoring and evaluation and communication.
  • Component 4: Contingency component.

This component would allow the use of unallocated resources and / or allow the government to request the Bank to reclassify the expenditure and reallocate funding from other components of the project to partially cover the emergency response and costs of the project. recovery.

The intervention zone covers the regions of Tillabéri, Niamey, Dosso and Diffa totaling 104 communes.

The PGRC-DU will intervene in 63 municipalities that are most affected by the floods; these areas are located along the Niger River and the Komadougou and in the catchment areas upstream of these rivers.

Description of the services actually rendered by our staff as part of the mission:

  • Internal control
  • Account Control
  • Control of DRF and DPD
  • Audit of Special Accounts and Certified Statements of Expenditures
  • Controlling the conformity of procurement with the financing agreement and national legislation

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