Agence Nationale de Financement des Collectivités Territoriales – ANFICT



Title of the mission:

Revision of the administrative, financial and accounting procedures manual of the ANFICT – Niger

Project description:

As part of the implementation of its Decentralization policy, the Niger State has put in place a long-term system of technical and financial support for the Territorial Communities in the form of a Public Institution called ANFICT.

Created by Law 2008-38 of July 10, 2008, ANFICT has financial autonomy and legal personality. It is placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry in charge of Decentralization and the Ministry of Finance.

Like EPA, ANFICT carries out a public service mission which consists of “managing and distributing the resources allocated by the State and the Technical and Financial Partners to the local authorities, in order to support their operation and the realization of the investments under their project management “.

The mechanism of access to its financing is organized around four (4) separate windows:

  1. A window for community operating grants;
  2. A window for investment grants;
  3. A window for funding technical support;
  4. A window for the management of the specific electricity tax and the proceeds from the sale of the plots.

Description of the services actually rendered by our staff as part of the mission:

  • Launch and general orientation of the mission
  • Document review and data collection
  • Analysis of existing procedures
  • Diagnosis of the internal control system
  • Definition of the target organization
  • Update procedures
  • Formalization of documents
  • Return of work
  • Summary and report

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